While thinking about the best strategy for your pay per click campaigns, there are 2 campaigns that should always run: the Own Brand campaign and Dynamic Search Ads.

Own Brand Campaigns

Some would think that bidding on their own brand terms is a waste since they already show up at the top of the organic search listings. And this is a fatal mistake!
First, bidding on your branded terms is very cheap and it will drive a low CPA for a lot of conversions. People who are searching for your brand are already familiar with your company. They might be returning customers or have heard about you so the chance of them converting is higher since they are further in the purchase funnel.
Another reason why you should have an own brand campaign is that you don’t want your competitors to appear instead of you! If your competitors are savvy they will bid on your brand name and if you haven’t done the same, they will just redirect your traffic to their website, even if those people intended to visit your website!
Also, don’t forget that when you are first, they also see your extensions! If you use them smartly, you can send customers to special offers on your site.

Dynamic Search Ads

Those kind of ads are the best way to offer customers what they are searching since ads adapt dynamically to what people entered on the search bar depending on what terms appear on your website. If there is a match then your ad will trigger with the search terms they used and the landing page that matches.
But that is not the only benefit of Dynamic Search Ads, they can also be used to understand what people search for before converting. This is extremely important data that can be used to launch new campaigns to bring more value and conversions.