3 Essential Reports to Make your Mobile PPC Activity Outperform


When Google came out with Enhanced Campaigns, the PPC world trembled. As experienced PPCers, we knew the importance of keeping mobile and PC separated, and not having this option anymore felt like the end of the world was happening right before our eyes.

A year or so later, the world has not ended, we lived through it and emerged stronger than ever.

Now that we can’t separate mobile and PC campaigns, we need to think cleverly when planning our biding strategy. There is a limited amount of available real estate on mobile devices and being smart about how we get our ads to appear in the right place at the right time is a must.

It all starts with the data. With the information in-hand, you can analyze your mobile activity at the Campaign or Ad Group level and optimize from there.

Below I listed the 3 types of reports you’ll need to get started.


Analyze you Mobile Average Position


Mobile CTR (Click-Through Rate) drops off much faster than Desktop CTR the lower your position is.

On desktops we’re afforded the luxury of two to three spots in the top-of-page position. But in mobile, you can subtract one, two or even or three spots if there are Shopping ads to compete against. You’ll also lose out on your Sitelinks if you get pushed out of the top positions – quite tough!

Pull the report by using the “Segment” button and splitting out your data by “Device” to see how the mobile ads are performing and where they are getting exposed.

If you are not getting the mobile traffic you’re hoping for, consider the fact that you may not being exposed at all. Remember: on mobile if you’re not #1 or #2, you’re nowhere.


Analyze your Lost Mobile Impression Share

You can pull this report from the “Segment” button I mentioned, just include the columns that examine your Lost Impression Share due to Rank and/or Budget. Budget is slightly less useful, as there’s no way to control spend distribution by device (thanks, Enhanced Campaigns), but it can give you an idea of where your money will be going should you decide to increase your budgets.


Lost Impression Share due to Rank, though, can help you find opportunities that go beyond a position cutoff. It can help you identify ad groups where anything less than the first position means you’re missing out, or it can help you identify ad groups where an increase in your bid might not do anything except increase your average CPC.

Basically this is the report that will show you exactly where you’re losing money, so you can quickly act and stop it.


Analyze the Quality of traffic based off mobile bid modifier adjustments

Check how mobile bid modifiers perform in relation to the quality of traffic.  For example, if you set your bid modifiers too low (-80% or more) will you get the bottom of the barrel low quality traffic. In theory, lower bids generates worse keywords, which generates worse traffic and lead to worse analytics.

You’ll need to pull this report from Google Analytics. The Bid Adjustment Report will allow you to see if the statistics tell the same story and you’ll be able to quickly optimize accordingly. Just don’t forget you need to have the AdWords and analytics account cross linked!


Once mobile only campaigns do not exist anymore, we PPC’ers have to be smart and creative to achieve the results we want. These 3 reports always help and guide me when I’m dealing with mobile strategy, and if you want to get good results, I recommend knowing them very well.

I’d love to hear your questions and comments! Leave your message below and I’ll get back to you shortly.


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