Let The Algorithm Decide When And Where You Need To Be With ECPC 

If this is the first time that you hear the term, don’t panic you came to the right place! Enhanced Cost Per Click (ECPC)  automatically adjusts your manual bids for traffic that it deems more or less likely to lead to a conversion. Now, you might wonder: “Why would I give Google control of my bids?” First, Adwords will still respects the maximum CPC you set and second, it makes your life managing bids easier. Imagine you’re a person passionate about modern art and to seek out new art you have to travel around the world for art auctions. Can you attend all of them? Nope. That is exactly what ECPC does, it adjusts your bids during auction time to make sure you’ll maximize your budget where conversions are most likely to happen.

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Maximize Your Ads Full Potential By Using All Possible Ad extensions To Improve Your CTR And Quality Score 

Start with 6 sitelinks per campaign in order to conduct A/B testing as to understand which sitelinks work best with your audience. When enough statistics are gathered and you find two sitelinks that don’t work as well, than switch them out with two new ones and continue the A/B testing. Who knows, maybe the two new ones will outperform the originals! There are other important extensions you should add to your campaign: Callouts and Structured Snippets. Unlike sitelinks, users can not click on them. Even so, make sure to have at least 6 Callouts per campaign and create them with the intention of informing your customers about your selling points and competitive advantages. Look at it like you’re taking a walk in the city. Isn’t it more pleasant when there are signs pointing you in the direction of what you’re looking for? Additionally, use them because they influence the way Google scores your Quality Score and hence your CPC.
There are other extensions such as call, message, location, app and price extensions that you should use if they’re relevant to your goal. For instance, don’t add a call extension if there is nobody to answer the phone, it would just frustrate your potential converters and you would waste money that could be invested elsewhere in the campaign. To recap, if there are extensions relevant to your business, use them. They can only help and they are FREE.


Set The Campaign Language To “All Languages”

We come across many people that think that because they’re launching a campaign targeting the United States (for example) the language should be set to English.This is a mistake. Do you know how many people live in the US or elsewhere but have their browser set to a different language than the country they live in? This happens sometimes because their mother tongue is not English. Take the French or Spanish speakers for instance. They live in the US, they speak English but they use Google in their mother tongue. If your keywords are in English than their interface should not matter. They’re potential customers so do not exclude them by setting your language to English and rather select all.