Make Sure To Have At Least 3 Ads Per Ad group

When you create a campaign, make sure to have 3 ads per ad group because this will allow Google to select the ones who have the highest CTR to boost your traffic. But keep in mind that in order to do that Google needs to have the option between different ads.



Add A Call To Action Such As “Order Now”

Using a call to action is crucial! Tell your customers what you want them to do. Guide them and you will see positive results in the conversions’ number.


Use Special Promotions

Attract them with deals to differentiate yourself from your competitors. But, do not disappoint them with fake deals because they will leave as fast as they clicked.


Write Your Keywords 3 Times To Ensure A Good Quality Score

Yes, you might think that this is a bit repetitive but this is how Google estimates that your ad is relevant to the users. These keywords should also appear on the web page you want to promote in order for the search engine to understand that this ad is highly relevant. Google also highlights the word in the ad if it matches the search term so make sure to have your keywords written 3 times in your ads.


Important note: If you’re new to Google Ads, don’t pay attention to this but if you worked with the old AdWords interface in the past, make sure to replace the old text ads with expanded text ads. By keeping old ads, your campaign might underperform as Google notices that you are still using an old ad format.