Before doing anything, think about your customers and try to understand where they stand in what we call the Purchase Funnel. Do they know you? Are they looking for you?

Today, people use search engines to learn about their surroundings! Through search terms, you will easily understand where your customers stand in the Purchase Funnel. People typing “Cheap destination” are not sure where they want to go, meaning that they are obviously in the Higher Funnel, while people searching for “Flight ticket to Romania” are actively looking to buy a ticket. Bid on the right keywords! Now let’s go through the funnel!



Those customers don’t know you so make sure to use platforms like Youtube and search campaigns to raise their awareness. Be viewable and present even if they are unaware that they need you.  The first thing you want here, is to create YouTube and Display campaigns that target content that you think is relevant to your audience to build awareness around your brand. Create banners that explain clearly what is your business and why they should buy from you.
Let’s say that you run a costume store and you want to increase your online and offline revenue. It would be a great idea to have catchy banners promoting your costume store on Youtube channels focusing on dress-up celebrations or even Halloween makeup. 



Once they know you, the next step is to trigger consideration. While YouTube is generally used to inform people about a business, use display campaigns to target the people who were on your home page for example, but left without doing anything to remind them that you will be here for them when they will need it.  Do not forget Search Ads! Someone looking for information about costumes should be able to find your store even if they do not want to buy it right now.
Going back to our costume store, imagine now that we are currently in September and that Halloween is getting closer. It is time for you to launch campaigns promoting great deals for Halloween in order for people to consider buying from your store when they will be actively looking for a Halloween costume!



So now that they know who you are and what you sell, they will think of you but make sure to target them right! You are not the only one out there and the competition is tough! Use remarketing campaigns to achieve that but be careful, this time you want to convince them to buy from you so target the people who, for instance, left your website just before paying the items they chose (cart abandoners). It is important to talk to your audience, they already know you so attract them with promotions.
Back to our costume store: That’s it, Halloween is here! Remember those people who visited your website regarding the Halloween promotion? Now it is time to target them more aggressively with clear call to action. Write ads that offer deals like: for one costume get 2 free accessories!



Once you have gained your customers’ trust it is crucial to maintain it in the long term! Use their online and offline information to keep them interested in your business. Target them using Customer Match to re-engage with them, and you’ll see they will convert again and might as well convince others to do the same.Halloween is over but who knows, it might be a good idea to target your past customers with other costumes with a 50% discount. They might buy it for another dress-up celebration and might as well talk to a friend about it!