FEED:ITOR Has Arrived!


Designed and developed by the creators of adCore, FEED:ITOR is the newest and most powerful feed editing and submission platform. FEED:ITOR takes its users on an easy and intuitive path towards high performing campaigns on the different shopping engines, price comparison sites, market places and more.




With FEED:ITOR the edits you make to a feed happen in real time. You can edit, polish, and submit your feed to the shopping channels from one easy platform.  FEED:ITOR supports hundreds of different channels so submitting your feed is as easy as clicking a button.


FEED:ITOR also offers the Google Shopping Solutions Suite®, a complete set of tools built especially for Google Shopping. It covers everything from editing a specific Google Shopping feed, submission to your merchant account, to management and optimization of your shopping campaigns on AdWords.


Manage bids from the ad-group level to the shopping item level with our proprietary bid management algorithm. Monitor and analyze your campaign’s performance on adCore to reach a whole new level of exposure and performance!


Forget everything you hear about feed editing – FEED:ITOR is the only solution you need. Request a demo now!

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