This week, Google made some updates on their advertising system. You can now have 3 different headlines and 2 descriptions with a maximum of 90 characters instead of 80.


Before, Google Ads best practices were to create 3 ads per campaign with different headlines in order to conduct A/B testing. If you believe in machine learning like we do here at ADCORE, having 3 headlines might allow Google to test and choose the best combination between the 3 headlines and the 2 descriptions. But even if we love and believe that the “future” of PPC is machine learning, this prevents us, account managers, from controlling the ads’ text. That is why, we would like to share with you our best practices when using this new feature.

Make sure that your headlines are different from each other to avoid repetition. Do not forget to include your added value: What is different from you and your competitors? Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion in order to increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) and your Quality Score. Try to conduct an A/B test with this ad and a regular one to see if it brings you better results. Lastly, do not forget to inform your clients that you have less control over the ad text since Google will test different combinations and some might be weird.

Join us next week for more updates and tips from our PPC experts!