The holiday season is approaching and it is exactly during this time of the year, from September to December, that online purchases are at their peak! Since it is during this period that people buy the most, make sure to optimize and adapt your search and display campaigns. Our ADCORE PPC experts explain you how.

Campaign Budget

If you see that your campaigns are on goal and that they reach their daily budget easily just increase it. For instance, if you set your campaign budget to $200 and you see that it in the last 7 days, the campaign almost reached or went over it, increase your budget to $400. We advise doubling the amount reached to avoid scenarios in which your campaign is missing out on conversions. You do not want your campaign to be restricted especially not during this time of the year. Do the same for your keywords bids and increase them if they lead to a high number of conversions. Again, do not limit your campaign if they are on goal, your competitors are going to increase their budget as well so don’t let them be the only ones!


Ad Text

While during the year, your ad text is more or less “generic”, during the holiday season, it is the moment to be more creative. Adapt your text by implementing holiday messaging and use seasonal promotions to convince potential customers. People seem to be lower in the purchase funnel so don’t forget a call to action to trigger a purchase.


Like your ad text, try to adapt your ad extensions. If you have special promotions, add the promotion extension, it is really simple to use and you can even define a start and an end date.

Creative & Website Design

For your display campaigns, talk to your clients and ask them for special creatives. There is nothing better than customized creatives for the holidays. Try to do the same for the website and implement some customized design. Try to think like a customer. For instance, during this time of the year, the shipping days are extremely important. Nobody wants to buy something for Christmas and to receive it a week later. So do your possible to be personal and clear in your delivery conditions and you will see positive results.