Over the last two weeks at ADCORE, we conducted a little experiment. We are all familiar with In-market audiences in Google Ads which lately have become available also for search campaigns, but did you know that within the Audience insights, Google suggests the audiences that are more likely to convert? Using the data from all converters, Google recommends In-market audiences that could be more interested in your products.


Google Ads shows you which audience is more relevant to your campaigns and an index percentage that refers to the likelihood of people in that Google audience to purchase what you are selling.

We decided to conduct a test and we added 3 audiences that had the highest percentage index to our search campaigns in observation and we gave a 20% bid adjustment. After two weeks, the results were brilliant! We compared the results of the audiences added to the results of the non-audience search traffic and here are the results: Out of all our search campaigns, 27% percent of clicks came from the In-market audiences and 37% of the total number of conversions within our search campaigns came from them as well.

But the best results are in the CPA (=cost/conv) and the conversion rate. Compared to all search traffic, the CPA of the In-market traffic was 25% lower than the non-audience search traffic’s CPA, which is amazing knowing how competitive the market of our client is, especially in Q-4. Same phenomenon happened for our conversion rate that was 59% higher in the audience. In short, after two weeks only, we saw a decrease of 25% in CPA and an increase of 59% in our conversion rate for over 25% of our traffic.

So if you want to give a boost to your search campaigns, just have a look to the audience insights in the Audience Manager, and add the in-market audiences that have the highest index. Of course, do not forget to remain logical and to understand your customers and avoid adding an audience that seems completely unrelated to your products.