adCore Affiliate Program

How do I become an adCore Affiliate?

Simply complete this form and a member of our team will be in contact to discuss your application.


How does it work?

Once your application is approved, we will provide you with a unique link that will be associated with your affiliate account. When your customer clicks on the unique link, adCore sets a cookie in their web browser that contains your referral information. Once they select an adCore plan we will automatically notify you that you have earned a commission.


What happens if my customer disables or erases cookies?

If cookies are erased or disabled on the customer’s web browser when the account is created, then you will not be rewarded with your commission.


How much will I earn for each of my customers who sign up for adCore?

We offer 2 commission options: Either earn $10 for every adCore free user who links their AdWords account to adCore or $250 for every adCore Premium Plan purchased. For selected Affiliate partners, we pay 15% of the lifetime revenue per referral with no cap on your earnings.


How/when do I get paid?

adCore only pays cumulative commissions of $100 or more. If you have earned less than $100 in commissions during the month, your commissions will continue rolling over to the next month until you have reach the $100 threshold. All commissions are calculated and paid in US Dollars.


Who can participate and what is the cost?

Anyone can participate if they receive approval. There is no membership cost.


What happens if my customer upgrades or downgrades their adCore plan?

Nothing. Your commission is based on your customer’s initial user sign up.


What happens if the referral already has an adCore account?

The program only pays commissions for new adCore accounts. If the referral already has an adCore Free or Premium account, you will not be awarded any commission.


Can I use email or newsletters to promote adCore?

You can use emails and newsletters to promote adCore as long as the recipients have subscribed to your mailing list. You will always need to include opt-out instructions in each communication that you send. Spam campaigns and unauthorized communications are not allowed. For more details please refer to the Terms of Service.


Can I use the search engine AdWords?

No. You may not use paid advertising channels to promote adCore.


Will I receive advertising banners or promotional materials?

As a member of the adCore Affiliate Program you will have access to advertising materials for your promotional campaigns and ads.


Will I receive information on how to setup the links?

Yes! You will receive information on how to access your unique link.


What if I want to cancel my Affiliation?

Simply send an email to notifying us of your cancellation. A member of our team will contact you to verify the cancellation.


Who do I contact for further details or support?

For any questions or support please send an email to A member of our team will gladly assist you.