The ultimate shopping solution
From feed management to campaign creation

Take control of your data feed management

Optimizing any data feed becomes an easy task – with over 50 different build-in editing functions and filters. Create new versions of your feed or edit existing data and watch it change in real time. Easily categorize products according to each channel specification and quality guidelines.

Sell your products anywhere

With over 200 shopping channels and price comparison sites plugged-in, Feeditor makes feed submission easier than ever. Schedule your feed to be updated on a daily or hourly basis according to your specific needs and ensure your products are always in sync with your inventory.

Generate campaigns, ad groups and shopping ads

Dynamically create Google shopping campaigns in real time straight from your data feed. Scale efforts quickly by automatically structuring your campaigns, ad-groups and product partitions by categories or brands. Feeditor’s dynamically created campaigns allow you to set individual bids on any product level.

Optimize towards your unique goals

Feeditor’s machine-learning bidding algorithms allows you to set target ROAS and CPA goals to your Google Shopping campaigns with a click of a button. Our algorithms are trained to work with minimal amount of conversions and are effective for any campaign size in a short period of time.