52-key account and campaign metrics
Analyzed in one powerful dashboard

Discover critical account errors and growth opportunities

Generate a real-time account analysis in less than 30 seconds and view the results in one eye-catching dashboard.
Discover critical account errors and growth opportunities with over 52 key account and campaign metrics such as AI Readiness, Segment Coverage and Spend Efficiency which have been formulated to ensure you achieve superior performance.

Acquire more business

Show potential clients their critical account errors and missed growth opportunities with our award winning white-label analysis reports using your own brand and look.
SEMDOC2’s downloadable PDF analysis reports will quickly become your sales team’s best friend, helping them win new accounts like never before.

Get ahead of any issues and don’t miss opportunities to celebrate!

Stay informed of any drops in your account performance with our customized alerts center which instantly notify you when your attention is needed. Just as importantly, never miss an opportunity to celebrate and share your achievements when specific account performance milestones are met or simply automate client’s day to day reports with a click of a button.

One-click optimization

Instantly make the necessary changes and fixes to your campaigns with a simple click of a button straight from the SEMDOC2 dashboard. Our Easy-Fix™ optimization feature takes all the hard work out of day-to-day optimization and is based on the newest best practices and machine learning algorithms.